With almost a century’s experience in designing and administering youth programs, the Boy Scouts of America provides handbooks that give step-by-step guidance as well as supplemental literature and periodicals that will help you in your role as a Cub Scout parent.

Cub Hub

Cub is a new online home for all things Cub Scouting. Parents can look to this exciting resource for program information, news, fun ideas, and the chance to be a part of the larger Cub Scouting community.

BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia

The BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia presents detailed information to enable our members to wear the correct complete uniform on all suitable occasions.

Youth Literature

new_handbooksCub Scout handbooks are designed for boys and their parents to use as they progress along the Cub Scout trail. Each Cub Scout has a handbook to help him along his trail. Tigers use the Tiger Handbook, Wolves use the Wolf Handbook, and Bears use the Bear Handbook. The Webelos Handbook is for Scouts working on the Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks. The handbooks guide Cub Scouts through the required and elective adventures for each rank and include helpful tips, background information, and fun activities. The handbooks also introduce a mentor character, Ethan, who will share his enthusiasm for Scouting with younger Cub Scouts as they work through their ranks.

Another good source of information for Cub Scouts is Boys’ Life magazine, published by the BSA 12 times each year. The magazine’s articles, games, jokes, and letters are fun for Cub Scouts to read and allow them to explore the wide range of exciting opportunities available to Scouts.

Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities Chart

Age- and rank-appropriate guidelines have been developed based on the mental, physical, emotional, and social maturity of Boy Scouts of America youth members. These guidelines apply to Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews.

Scouting Safely

The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for our youth members. To maintain such an environment, the BSA developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies and provides parents and leaders with resources for all our programs.

Boys’ Life Magazine

The mission of Boys’ Life magazine is to entertain and educate America’s youth and to open their eyes to the joyous world of reading. This is accomplished through a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting. A special edition is published for Cub Scouts, with age- and program-specific content and feature articles.
Why do Scouts (and Parents and Leaders) Like Boys’ Life?

  • Good reading. Boys’ Life is an entertaining mix of exciting stories and valuable information. Boys like reading Boys’ Life. Parents can always be confident that the content of the magazine is wholesome, entertaining, and educational.
  • Faster advancement. Boys’ Life follows the Cub Scouting-recommended program themes each month. coverBoys’ Life subscribers achieve rank advancements faster and more often than nonsubscribers.
  • Increased family support. Leaders appreciate that Boys’ Life goes into the home and stimulates support for Scouting from parents and brothers and sisters. Many family members read all or part of Boys’ Life.
  • Longer tenure. Scouts who subscribe to Boys’ Life stay in Scouting longer than nonsubscribers—on average, two and a half times longer than nonsubscribers.
  • “Just part of Scouting.” Boys’ Life is an essential element, helping leaders and parents foster the development of young people in Scouting. Boys’ Life shows the outcomes of the BSA’s values-based programs. It brings a positive Scouting image to readers and alumni.

The Boys’ Life website contains information about the current issue, games to play, projects to download, and more. There’s even a form you can download to subscribe. However, youth members qualify for a special subscription price. So if your son is already in Cub Scouting, contact your local council to subscribe.

Scouting Magazine

cover (1)Published six times a year, Scouting magazine offers information, instruction, and inspiration for leaders in Scouting. But more than that, Scouting is a family magazine.

Many parents of Scouts find Scouting magazine to be a valuable resource. It helps them keep up with developments in Scouting, and the magazine provides a wealth of information about parenting and working with youth. The “Family Talk” column offers parents advice on effective ways to help their children stay healthy, handle their schoolwork, overcome shyness, discover hidden talents, and cope with tragedy. The “Family Together” articles are inspirational profiles of families who work, play, live, and grow together.

At the Scouting magazine Website, you can access the full content of issues dating to September 1998, plus selected articles from even earlier editions, in a format that can be easily searched and scanned. The site also has additional online resources that complement the magazine

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